Powder Coating


Powder coating involves applying a finely ground powder with the aid of electrostatics to a substrate.  This is then baked at a high temperature which melts, flows & cures the powder to the product. Powdercoating forms a harder coating than traditional paint, meaning in most cases it looks good for years longer.

We powder coat a wide range of indoor & outdoor products including balustrades, garage doors, car chassis & bike frames. In fact we can powder coat almost any metal product.

Bay Powdercoaters have one of the largest batch ovens in the area. Our huge oven is 8.0 metres long, 2.3 metres high & 2.4 metres wide.

We use high quality powder & we have top of the line powder guns to ensure your job is completed to the highest standard.  We recommend that if your product is outdoors & exposed to harsh conditions or chemicals, we apply a zincshield coat which is an alternative to galvanizing.

Bay Powdercoating is highly experienced and here to help so if you have a question or would like to know the best finish for your application please contact us.

All of our coatings are quality tested during coating and also after completion.